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One of the worst scenarios for any homeowner to face is water damage. Living in a new home will not reduce the risk of water damage, as water can enter any property and cause damage. Whether it’s flooding caused by poor weather, leaking faucet or a burst pipe the longer that water is pouring into a property the more disruption and damage it will cause. At Service Restoration of Dumas we immediately deal with water damage problems and complete restoration work. We tackle all aspects of water damage and prevent future water damage. Our dedicated team will solve all issues pertaining to flood damage and recovery efficiently and quickly.

Whatever the cause of your water issues, we’re here to help. Water damage can happen suddenly and unexpectedly during a storm or more subtly by means of a leaky pipe leaking always supporting a wall. Untreated water problems may lead to serious health concerns for you and your family, including the development of mold and to not mention the smell. As your local water damage restoration professionals in town we will get your home back in form so you can sleep easy at nighttime.


At Service Restoration Dumass, we take our customers with dignity and we know that your home and things there in are important to you. You will get that our services run for 24 hours. If you get us notified in advance, we shall get to your property within 60 minutes or less. When we get to the site, we’ll first of all access the harm that’s been caused and then supply you with the appropriate solutions that are required to fix the issue.

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Service Restoration Dumas is here to help with your water restoration emergency.

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Water Damage Restoration for Dumas’s Homes and Businesses

If you need a water damage restoration company, Service Restoration of Dumas has IICRC certified technicians ready to receive your house or business back to normal. Regardless of the time of day, our technicians will arrive on-site, assess the damage, prepare the gear and start with water extraction.

After water removal, the next step is drying and finally cleanup. To prevent mold growth, our technicians use state of the art equipment to monitor moisture levels. Our aim is to deliver quality services on time-saving you time and money.

Complete Water Damage Repair Company in Dumas

For the best water damage repair, Dumas is the company that you will need to believe. This is because it can finish jobs right from the mitigation point all the way to the repair and build back if need arises. Any repair that’s in your home, right form the damaged caused to ceilings, walls, floors and any construction that are inside, the company contractor will do you the best jobs ever in an efficient manner.

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Our Certifications

IICRC – Institute of Inspection, TheCleanTrustCertified

GRP – Green Risk Professional Certificate

RIA – Restoration Industry Association – Certified Restorer

CRA – Cleaning & Restoration Association

IAQA – Indoor Air Quality Association

Applied Thermography Training

Xactimate 28 Certified Level 2

Our Testimonials

Dumas’s Choice Company for Fire Damage Restoration

Service Restoration of Dumas offers fast fire damage solutions designed to minimize damage and restore your home to pre-loss state. Our fire damage restoration technicians are highly trained, experienced and skilled in removing soot and bad odor. We perform fire damage restoration services according to IICRC standards. Why send boys to do a man’s job.

Telephone Service Restoration of Dumas to evaluate and determine the best course of action. We’ve got you covered..


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Dumas´s Top-Quality Water Damage Team

We are rated A+BBB and with more than a decade of experience we are ready to handle any circumstance. We offer a 24 hour service and guarantee to get to your house within 60 minutes of being asked.

In a crisis like a burst pipe time is of the essence and the faster we can get out to you the less damage will result. Our aim is to deliver only the highest quality of service and the best results possible to guarantee satisfied customers.

Flood Damage Restoration for your Dumas Home or Business

As the #1 supplier of flood damage restoration services, our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We respond to a flood damage emergency in less than 60 minutes. Our team will begin by assessing the damage and give you a flood damage restoration plan and a free quote. We’ll begin to extract out the water, rip out the damaged parts and dry your construction. Our staff will make repairs after boarding up to restore your home to pre-loss condition.

Dumas Emergency Flood & Water Damage Cleanup

If you need emergency flooding and water damage cleanup, we are available 24/7. Our IICRC technicians have the experience and equipment to assist you in restoring your house to pre-loss state. If not resolved immediately, flood and water damage has the potential of turning into a catastrophic event. Contaminants in the water can make you sick. Mold growth can lead to health effects and escalate the expense of remediation.

To save time and cash, immediate action is key. Upon arrival at the website, we do all it can take to mitigate the harm saving your house or business.

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The trick to controlling water damage and preventing flooding from damaging property over the long term would be to seek the services of this organization. We complete thorough water damage cleanup operations when dealing with crisis flooding. Our team will carry out repairs and take action to undo the damage. At Service Restoration we will cleanup up your property, so things can get back to normal for you.